Invasion’s cronology: 57 years of extraterrestrials in Argentina

In 1952, a spirit reveals to a scientist that a flying saucer from Ganimedes will fly over the Kavanagh building, situated in Plaza San Martín, Buenos Aires.

1967, a Jesuit priest asks a Polish contactee to translate Argentine novel Martin Fierro to an alien language.

In 1968, newspapers inform of the teleportation of a married couple from Chascomus (a little village from Buenos Aires province) to Mexico. Also, two casino employees in Mendoza encounter a landed spacecraft whose occupants burnt an interstellar tracing inscription on the door of a vintage car.

The 1970s, a prophet swears he worked with an alien technology inspired by voices from beyond the grave. Another announces the imminent landing of 50 spaceships over the Chascomús Lagoon.

In the 1990s, a woman leaves behind a comfortable life to build a UFO museum in Entre Ríos, following the plan of a hooded man who claims to be from another world.

2002, Argentina experiences a strange wave of cattle deaths, reincarnating the “chupacabras” in La Pampa.  A civilian swears he had seen a flying saucer that stole his cellphone, while another claims that ingesting the meat of the mutilated cow gave him superpowers.

While all this occurs, from 1956 to the present day, a soldier’s wife has a secret affair with an alien lover from outer space.

Who are the invaders? This book affirms, doubts, questions, and reflects on this question. But above all, it relates to us the experiences they have lived, their beliefs, and tells us about the protagonists of an alien Argentina.

Of Invaders. Real stories about extraterrestrials in Argentina (Sudamericana Ed., 2009), author Alejandro Agostinelli says: “It’s my best attempt to reflect on what I have heard, seen, and perceived in the most enjoyable experience that a journalist can have; that is making contact with other people who are eager to recount the most interesting thing that happened in their lives.”

With the chronicle, the story, and the investigative journalism, Invaders reveals the author’s fascination for strangeness and his passion for clarifying the unexplained.

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