Pablo Robledo: “Invaders”, an hallucinatory Pandora’s Box

“Invaders. Real stories on extraterrestrials in Argentina” (Editorial Sudamericana, 2009).

By Pablo Robledo

Like every football fan with fantasies of his or her Dream Team, here we are, with the perfect line-up, the ultimate best eleven. Eleven stories that is, stories that catch our atention and at the same time, fascinate. To be read in one go, in 2 hours or 2 days, a page turning book that acts as an hallucinatory Pandora’s Box, from which surprise after surprise escapes to alien effect. Told with just the right mix of illusion and scepticism, with a lot of respect, with a lot of rhythm, and a lot of irony, this is a book that leaves the reader wanting to know more, to discover the human and the not so human characters behind the stories, to keep reading. And I know of no better praise for any book than to say that it makes the reader want to keep on reading.

Pablo Robledo, journalist and documentary maker based in London. Published “Pelucas de Contrabando”, a book of short stories. Collaborated with
Pagina 12, Critica de la Argentina, Revista 23, Lezama, Nomada and several other newspapers and magazines in Argentina.

More (in english):

Book Review: INVASORES by Alejandro Agostinelli. By Scott Corrales, in Inexplicata (february 2010).

Invasion’s cronology: 57 years of extraterrestrials in Argentina

Mariana Guzzante: Invaders’s interview with the author

Vicente- Juan Ballester Olmos: “Eleven incredible stories about UFOs “all of them worth of a movie film”

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